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About Us

Hey there, We're HausWhizz!

Interior Soft Styling + Furniture

From a humble interior and furniture designer background, Hauswhizz was established in the year 2020 with a big dream, which is to become a local iconic brand that aims to create a space that suits your lifestyle with the best designer-inspired furniture & outstanding interior soft styling ideas. Haus means House; Whizz means an expert. We are looking forward to becoming your first-choice home styling bespoke expert brand and iconic furniture selection store!

Why Us?

Emphasize on quality

Every piece of furniture is carefully selected by our team. The most novel design with the finest craftsmanship. Nothing else, just because we want to give you the best!

Pay less for more

Bringing you bold designs fitted to your budget. Our designer furniture & home styling services are stylish yet sold to you at the most affordable price in the market! 

Backed with experience

Our furniture & design team has more than 10 years of practical experience, by accumulating lots of ideas and market know-how, we are ready to serve you better!

Painless home styling

By just selecting the fine quality & aesthetic designer-inspired furniture, you can easily switch your home style. We can even consult you on selecting the best suit furniture!

Is all about improving lifestyle

Your home was mean a lot to you, it is your only inner world that will allow you to show up the truest you. Therefore, a mission born in our mind, we wanted to improve everyone's lifestyle by adorning your inner world that really suits the truest you! We believed that with the best designer-inspired furniture & outstanding home styling bespoke ideas, we could really ignite your inner world and give you a better lifestyle!

Which side are you on?


Furniture Selection

Shop the best designer-inspired furniture in town!


Interior Soft Styling

1 on 1 consult with our team on turning your interior around!

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